The Copper Beech Institute explores the transformative power of mindfulness and meditation practice to awaken us to the fullness of our potential. By cultivating the connection between contemplation and compassionate action, the Copper Beech Institute fosters meaningful engagement with the most challenging issues of our day by offering retreats and extended learning opportunities to ensure personal well-being, the health of the earth, and the peace of the entire human family.


The Copper Beech Institute envisions a future where mindfulness and contemplative practice are transforming education, health care, business, government, and every level of society affecting a healing shift in how we relate to one another and the earth. By cultivating the inherent human capacity to be aware, we access our innate reservoir of resilience, empathy, forgiveness, and creative problem solving necessary in today’s world. The Copper Beech Institute will be instrumental in making contemplative practice available and commonplace in our community to support this critical shift in thinking and being.

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