planned gifts:  part of your legacy

Many programs at Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center thrive because of the generosity and foresight of those who have included Holy Family in their wills and other estate plans.  The benefits of estate planning are:

  • You, not someone else, determine where your assets go.  (Everyone needs an estate plan, regardless of how much you own.)
  • There can frequently be very favorable tax benefits, and more of your assets can be made available for your loved ones. 
  • Some estate plan arrangements can guarantee an annual income for the donor for the rest of his or her life.
  • With certain planned gift structures, you can ensure your gift avoids the delays and potential pitfalls of the probate process.

For information on bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder or lead trusts, and other ways to add Holy Family to your estate plans, please contact the Development Office at 860-760-9716 or

All inquiries are without obligation, and are held in confidence.



The Flynn Heritage Society is composed of people who have included Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center in their estate plans and have informed Holy Family of this decision. In appreciation, all members receive a lapel pin, invitations to Holy Family events throughout the year and acknowledgement on a donor plaque in the main connector hallway.

Peter Carey has remembered Holy Family in his will....

Holy Family retreatant Peter Carey has attended retreats and programs for some 15 years. A retired insurance executive with four grown children, Peter says, “A retreat gives me the opportunity to reflect on my relationship with the Lord and on what I’ve been given and how I can better use it. I’ve fallen off the horse every so often, and Holy Family has grounded me, not once but several times, and I’m very grateful.”

In 2003, to help ensure Holy Family’s future, Peter changed his will to include Holy Family. “It was simple: I went to my attorney who put a codicil in my will.”

He points out that even if retreatants do not have a huge income or net worth, they may be able to provide for Holy Family after their death. “For someone who is of modest income to think they could write a check for $10-15,000 is probably not realistic at the present time. But estate planning is for everyone, regardless of the size of their assets, and if people put a mind to it, they may be able to leave something for Holy Family when they die.”

“Holy Family has been so important in my life,” he adds. “I want to do something more than just pay my weekend offering, so I’m making sure that Holy Family is provided for in my will…on the premise that if I can’t give now I can do it later.”




"Simply stated, gratitude and the idea of leaving a legacy are what prompted me to include Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center in my will. Gratitude for providing my family and me with outstanding spiritual guidance and nourishment, and a desire to help ensure that Holy Family continues to provide such spiritual nourishment to the generations that follow us."
-Carl Monti, Retreatant