Flynn Heritage Society

The Flynn Heritage Society is composed of people who have included Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center in their estate plans and have informed Holy Family of this decision. In appreciation, all members receive a lapel pin, invitations to Holy Family events throughout the year and acknowledgement on a donor plaque in the main connector hallway.


Alice L. and John C. Brennan  William F. O'Meara
John J. Brennan in Honor of Jerry and Ed Brennan  Richard Palleria
Michael R. Brennan  Helen S. Paluconis
Peter G. Carey  John Ponzo
Richard and Claire Carmel  Mark F. Proffitt
Tony DeCaprio  Raymond E. Provost
Walter J. Dziemianzuk  Louis Ranaudo
Joyce S. Edgar-Gagnon  Joseph Regan
Michael R. Francoeur  Attorney Richard and Audrey Quinlan
Greg Harninger  Deb Roncari and Paul Murdock
Beverly Harrigan  Robin Roncari
Charles and Karen Herbert  Ann E. Rosetta
Daniel Heur  Margaret Rule
Dean Jenard  Terrence Ryan
Clara V. Maisto  Thomas Sandquist
Aileen and Antonio Matta  William E. Scanlon
Rev. Ronald P. May  Bruce M. Simons
Paul and Denise McBride  Janice Smegelski-O'Meara
Joseph R. and Donna A. Menhart  Stephan and Margaret Solimene
Frank Merenda in Memory of the Merenda Family  John L. Sullivan
Madeline Ann Milligan  Mary Jane and David Sullivan
Carl J. Monti  Allen and Simone Tedford
Ed J. Mortka  Helen and Tony Toland
William T. Murphy  John Woodbridge


 * Indicates those members who have passed away and remembered Holy Family with a gift.  The gifts of these friends  --- in loving memory

If we have forgotten to include your name on this list, please contact the Development Office at or 860-760-9716.  The Flynn Heritage Society also includes several members who prefer to be anonymous.