Retreat Center Staff Directory

The retreat team supports people on retreat by their preaching, teaching, and through the ministry of listening and presence. Behind the scenes is an even larger staff of dedicated and caring people working each weekday to ensure that Holy Family continues to be a peaceful and welcoming place. We look forward to hearing from you.

Passionist Community Residence Directory

Office Staff & Phone Extension      

Marianne Brady Dining Room Supervisor   860.760.9720  
Noreen Cannamela Grant Writer   860.760.9703  
Fr. David Cinquegrani Retreat Director   860.521.6543  
Kathy Colello Marketing & Development Specialist   860.760.9716  
Joe Ethier Executive Chef   860.760.9720  
Luke Giroux Director of Administrative Operations   860.760.9784  
Bill Heiden Retreat Team Member   860.760.9755  
Katie Hoffman-Fulda Bookstore/Gift Shop Manager   860.760.9734  
Ted Jastrzebski Registrar & Retreat Office Admin.   860.760.9705  
Cathy Koplar Executive Assistant   860.760.9779  
Eric Melanson Director of Information Technology   860.760.9704  
Mary Ellen Mosher Mass Card Office Manager   860.760.9708  
Brandon Nappi Associate Retreat Director   860.760.9718  
Schantal Negrie Mass Card Assistant   860.760.9714  
Steve O'Connell Finance Manager   860.760.9707  
Kasia Owczarek Director of Special Events   860.760.9799  
Liza Peters Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry   860.760.9712  
Stephen Pizzoferrato Facilities Manager   860.760.9723  
Moe Poirier Finance Assistant   860.760.9701  
Karen Rossignol Director of Retreat Marketing & Promotion   860.760.9717  
Maria Tchorzewska Housekeeping Supervisor   860.760.9790