Supporting Our Ministries

Some people enjoy earmarking gifts for a specific ministry at Holy Family. Giving to a specific ministry conveys your commitment to sustaining that specific part of our work. Thank you for all you do for Holy Family.

Youth Ministry Gifts

Gifts to Youth Ministry support our work guiding youth as they explore and strengthen their faith. Each year thousands of children and young adults are energized and inspired by programs at Holy Family.

Recovery Ministry Gifts

Our ministry to support those in recovery from alcholism and drug addiction is made possible because of gifts that support this vital work.

Music Ministry Gifts

Your gifts to support our music ministry provide necessary funds for printed music, maintenance of our musical instruments and organ, musician leadership stipends, and the ability to continue recording Holy Family Passionist music.

Open Door Fund - More if you can, Less if you can't

Each year more than $250,000 is set aside to ensure people who might be struggling financially can make retreat. Your gift to the Open Door Fund ensures the gift of retreat is always available to everyone, regardless of financial circumstance.

Thank you for your generosity!   We are so grateful for your gifts.